The Cenacle family

“There are three ways of sharing the Cenacle charism: as Religious, as Auxiliaries/Groupement Seculier, and as members of different forms of belonging; if one of these branches were missing then the charism would be incomplete. Each has a separate vocation but experiences close union with the others.”
Sister Yolande Guiraud, during the General Chapter, May-June  2010

The Auxiliaries of Our Lady of the Cenacle and the Groupement Seculier are fully secular and totally consecrated laywomen. Called by God, they make a total gift of themselves through vows recognized by the Church and received by the Congregation of Our Lady of the Cenacle to which they are affiliated.THE AUXILIAIRIES and the GROUPEMENT SECULIER have a special juridical link with the Congregation:

They live their mission in the Church and the world according to the spirituality of the Congregation, by means proper to their secular vocation, each in her own milieu. The Superior General of the Religious of the Cenacle is the first superior of the Auxiliaries.


The Cenacle Spirituality helps them to live out their baptismal commitment in their families, their places of work and with friends. They have access to places and people that we do not have. They bring the Cenacle wherever they go. 

Present in several countries, local websites talk about the Family of the Cenacle as it is in their Province or Region:

For example, in Europe:

there are three ways of belonging to the Cenacle Family in England-Ireland:

One family and four branches in France

The Cenacle Family in Italy 

We are Auxiliaries of the Cenacle:    

 in North America

 in the Philippines/Singapore

We are the Groupement Séculier

  in France

   in Madagascar


We are Affiliates/Companions:

in the Province of North America   

in the Philippines and Singapore 

in New Zealand and Australia


We are 

the Fraternité in France 

The Fraternidade in Brazil 

The Fraternité, "the Young shoots" of Father Terme, JPIC group in Madagascar


We are in France the CapNDC = the Apostolic Communion  

We are the Amici del Cenacolo in Italy