In the Church and the World

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The mission of the Congregation is rooted in the universal mission of the Church to proclaim the apostles' message that salvation and life are in Christ.



Impelled by love of Christ and concern for a world in need of this message, we give ourselves with all our strength to making the Gospel known so that it may become a source of life for everyone.

Participation in this mission demands availability. This implies willingness to be sent wherever the call of God and the needs of our brothers and sisters are most urgent and where the kingdom can be best served by our specific apostolate. 


Whatever form our apostolic work takes, it keeps a fundamental unity.  It is always directed to awakening and deepening faith, whether it is expressed in retreats, catechesis or other forms of spiritual apostolate.  We want to share the word of God with all to whom we are sent and, with them, to listen to the Holy Spirit.  Accompanying them in their quest for God, we try to help them discern his will. Then as they progress in knowledge and love of the Lord, we encourage them to respond to the challenge of the Gospel in personal and family life, and also in professional and civic activity.  Such personal growth leads to promoting here and now the Kingdom of God, a kingdom of justice and peace.