Lent and Holy Week 2017

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To enter  the Cenacle means to enter into His heart, to dare to experience something of God, to allow something of God to enter into us… 

Homily of Pope Paul VI

To enter the Cenacle is to experience transformation 

the heart’s journey within Christ’s heart

through vulnerability and fragility towards courage and discipleship, love and mission.

It is important for the world and for us that we live in the School of the Heart. Here we experience a profound conversion that gives us a new understanding of ourselves, of our mission and of the world. This impels us to live our life and vocation in a new way.

Today, during this Easter time, we are called to express this newness in concrete ways through our life, to be the Heart of Christ in the world.

Painting : Benedictines of the Mount of Olives, Etre sur la Terre le Coeur de Dieu

Holy Thursday

Entering the School of the Heart is to experience the table of  du jeudi saint !

The School of the Heart changes the way we live around the table: the tables of our meals, our meetings, the Eucharist. These become a Table of communion where we experience profound encounters that transform us. Face to face with Christ, ourselves and others, in “heart to heart” encounters our masks fall away as we discover who we truly are. Consequently, individualism diminishes because we gain better knowledge of ourselves, of each other and everything around us.  At this Table we become more keenly aware of our world so that we are able to ask, “Who is missing at our Table?”  Who are the invisible and voiceless we must invite there?”   (actes du Chapitre Général de 2016)

 Painting : Eucharistical Pentecost, Osnabrück, detail.


In his homily, for Ash Wednesday, Pope Francis said, “Lent is the time to open our hearts to the breath of the One capable of turning our dust into humanity.”

Yes, Lent is a propitious time to enter into the School of the Heart, to recognize in all the face of Christ and to live the three words that came in our 2016 General Chapter: Hospitality, Communion and Solidarity.

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