With Mary

With Mary, to whom they consecrated the Congregation, Father Terme and Mother Therese deepened their life of union with God and apostolic service. We too ask Mary to obtain for us "the grace of being always animated by the spirit of Jesus Christ"


To live in the Cenacle is to live with Mary in the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit and to share in her giving of Christ to others. The privileged role of Mary in our Congregation stems from the deliberate acts of our founders who expressly gave the Congregation to Mary. This has shaped our history and marks our community and apostolic life.

It is Mary in the Cenacle who incarnates what we are called to be as Sisters of the Cenacle. In contemplating her there, waiting and listening in the solitude of the heart, receiving and surrendering again to the Spirit, we come to understand the depth of our own vocation and its reflection of the example of Our Lady in the Cenacle.

We celebrate her with joy as Mother of Jesus, Mother of the Church and our mother.



"Love her dearly."  Father Terme,  December 12, 1834


Pentecost, painting on wood, Serra  Brothers, 14th Century, Church of Manresa, Spain